SoFT TOUcH® Laminating Films

SoFT TOUcH® Laminating Films are made of Bioriented Polypropylene film (BOPP), with extrusion-coated EVA on one side of the film, allowing the adherence to the support to be laminated through heat. This is a 1.4 mil matte thermal laminating film. The matte side has an excellent SOFT TOUCH® effect as well as a high dyne level for improved printablility. This is the first film with tactile properties in history and presents a pleasant and intense velvety effect very similar to the peach skin. An exceptional product for products in search of a touch distinction. This film is printable, glue-able and stamp-able. It has been widely used in the custom packing industry as well as for high-end book covers, packing prototypes, corporate brochures, product branding as well as a variety of other custom graphic solutions. This product is also available in a Metallized SoFT TOUcH® laminating film. The metallized look is extraordinarily unique. To touch is to discern the difference in our film versus their film.

A few notes on utilizing these films. For optimum performance, temperature range is 250 F to 275F. All printed media must dry overnight, no exceptions to this rule. After laminating, laminated prints must cure 24 hours to reach maximum adhesion bond, then laminated media may be die-cut. Failure to comply with these suggestions will most likely cause pre-mature delamination.

If you can not or do not wish to follow the above instructions, we highly suggest you purchase our Extreme Bond or High Tack  DIGITAL SoFT TOUcH® Laminating Films. This will allow you to go directly from the printer, to the laminator, to the die cutter with minimal adhesion failure.

Here is a handy guide on how to properly use the Soft Touch Thermal Laminating films. 

Soft Touch Thermal Usage Guide

     Custom slit sizes are available with a 20% surcharge. Custom slit rolls are unavailable for return. All custom slit jobs require an additional lead time.